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Advanced Endpoint Protection / End Point Detection and Response

Pushing All Detection and Response Decisions Down to the Endpoint

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A Solution That Works Hard so You Won’t

AI driven threat prevention and purpose-built attack mitigation capabilities prevent more successful attacks than legacy products, and dramatically reduce alert volume from the entire endpoint security stack.

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Gain Awareness from Your Business Environment

Understand where threats may take place in your business and gain deeper insights.

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Workflow-Based Incident Response

Automated playbook-driven response capabilities ensure threats are not left to run wild across your enterprise. When a threat is detected, your system takes immediate action without human intervention.

Speed threat hunting and response with deep visibility, precision analytics, and workflow automation

  • Quickly discover and resolve threats with deep endpoint visibility and superior detection analytics, reducing mean time to remediation.

  • Overcome cyber security skills shortages and streamline SOC operations with extensive automation and built-in integrations for sandboxing, SIEM, and orchestration.

  • Fortify security teams with the unmatched expertise and global scale.

  • Roll out Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Detect and expose attackers in your environment—no new agent required.

Supported by deep endpoint visibility, precisely detect and actively hunt threats to quickly expose and fully resolve them, no matter how persistent.

  • Instantly detect advanced attack methods using behavioral policies

  • Detect new attack patterns in minutes, and alert responders to attacks in progress, with analytics continuously trained by global telemetry.

  • Quickly analyze attack chains and remediate impacted systems using risk-scored history of endpoint activity.

  • Expose sophisticated attack tactics and techniques using MITRE ATT&CK event enrichment and cyber analytics.

  • Supports 'zero trust' threat hunting with advanced forenics tools that use full memory scans and metadata acquisition to find injections, process hollowing, shellcode, and more.

Resolve, Remediate, and Restore Devices in Minutes

  • Investigate and contain suspicious events using advanced sandboxing, blacklisting, and quarantining.

  • Gain visibility into attack history by continuously recording activity, and retrieving endpoint process dumps.

  • Seal off potentially compromised endpoints during an investigation with endpoint isolation.

  • Delete malicious files and associated artifacts on all impacted endpoints, returning endpoint to its pre-infection state.