Unwrapping The Data Privacy Act  

Arguments from different legal bodies and critics are developing due to the value and articulation of data privacy. For some, privacy violations could simply cause annoyances and inconveniences but data privacy matters a lot more than that. As the information technology advances, privacy in one’s personal data is almost impossible to shelter. In some cases, … Read moreUnwrapping The Data Privacy Act  

Identity Management 101

The first time you heard the term identity management might have been when a nerdy looking guy came in to your office and said he wanted to talk about identity management. You looked at him and you said yes we should talk about your wardrobe identity management but a number of jargons came out of … Read moreIdentity Management 101

Infocentric Solutions Inc. Bags SailPoint’s APAC Partner of the Year Award

Infocentric Solutions Inc. welcomes the year with a recognition that exemplifies their hard work and dedication to implementing only the best identity management solution to enterprises around the archipelago. Last January 31, 2018, during the SailPoint Sales Kick-Off 2018 at Fairmont Dallas Texas, Infocentric, the leading provider of identity and access management solution takes home … Read moreInfocentric Solutions Inc. Bags SailPoint’s APAC Partner of the Year Award

What is Cybersecurity?

Nowadays, if you are a business leader, you cannot sit without thinking of the security risks and threats your organization might encounter today. It is almost illusionary to think that you can protect your entire roof by having maybe such limited resources. Security breaches are everywhere and experts believe that it could be triggered internally … Read moreWhat is Cybersecurity?