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Data Loss Prevention Gateway and Endpoint Protection

Deploy a single policy to protect all your data, wherever it is.

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Take Charge and Control All Your Data

Enable your workforce to navigate different devices, connect to multiple networks, and work within cloud applications.

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Recognize Unsafe Users in Seconds

Minimize false positives and mitigate problems faster using Incident Workflow.

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Confidently Share Your Data with Third Parties

Control and encrypt your data when it moves outside your organization with DLP software.

It’s Time for Human-Centric Cyber Security and Compliance

Data security is a never-ending challenge. On one hand, IT organizations are required to keep up with regulations and protect intellectual property from targeted attacks and accidental exposure. On the other, they must adapt to macro IT movements, such as the adoption of cloud applications, hybrid cloud environments and BYOD trends, all of which increase the ways data can leave your organization.

This expanding attack surface poses the most significant challenge to protecting critical data. Data security teams take the seemingly logical approach to chase data: find it, catalogue it and control it. Yet this traditional approach to data loss prevention is no longer effective because it ignores the biggest variable in data security — your people.

Instead of focusing solely on data, security should begin and end with people. The key is to gain visibility into user interactions with data and applications. Once this is achieved, you can apply a level of control based on the specific user’s risk and the sensitivity or value of the data.

An organization’s data protection program must consider the human point — the intersection of users, data and networks. In addition, the enterprise must remain vigilant of data as it moves across the enterprise and highlight the people who create, touch and move data.

Accelerate compliance

The modern IT environment presents a daunting challenge for enterprises aiming to comply with dozens of global data security regulations, especially as they move toward cloud applications and mobile workforces. Many security solutions offer some form of integrated DLP, such as the type found within cloud applications. Yet security teams face unwanted complexity and added costs when deploying and managing separate and inconsistent policies across endpoints, cloud applications and networks.

  • Regulatory coverage to quickly meet and maintain compliance with more than 370 policies applicable to the regulatory demands of 83 countries.

  • Locate and remediate regulated data with network, cloud and endpoint discovery.

  • Central control and consistent policies across the IT environment.