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Data Encryption

Gain Maximum Capability to Protect your Files and Database from Misuse while Complying with Industry and Regulatory Requirements.

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Transparent, Rapid Implementation

Requires no changes to files or databases or the underlying hardware infrastructure.

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Centralized Key and Policy Management

Delivers a unified key management system to help simplify encryption key management.

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Compliance-Ready Capabilities

Provides granular auditing and reporting to help meet regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Philippine Data Privacy Act (PDPA).

Encryption Capabilities for Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Performs transparent encryption and decryption

Encryption and decryption are performed above the file system or logical volume layer so it is transparent to users, applications, databases and storage subsystems. It requires no coding or modification to applications or databases and protects both structured and unstructured data. The solution scales for large and complex environments. It offers extensible protection to log files, configuration files and other database output.

Provides secure, centralized key and policy management

This technology for File and Database Encryption offers a secure solution for protecting structured and unstructured data through the enforcement of policy-based encryption and centralized encryption key management that enables organizations to keep data private and compliant. This includes a user-friendly management server that allows for fast definition of encryption policies that are enforced by agents across a multitude of operating systems.

Supports live data transformation

Traditionally, deploying and managing data-at-rest encryption that involved transforming clear-text to cipher-text presented many business challenges, including requiring planned downtime or labor-intensive data cloning and synchronization. Live data transformation, which enables organizations to encrypt data without ever taking applications offline, eliminates these issues, allowing businesses to speed the data protection process while also supporting business continuity and efficiency.


As more and more users demand instant access to your services, you can hardly keep up with the pace of your business. You need a solution that can automate and simplify common, yet complex functions for millions of users. Build trust by offering users robust self-service options and drive customer engagement with the freedom to control their level of privacy.