Infocentric Solutions Inc. is knowledgeable of the key themes that will emerge on the IT front in the coming years. Some of these are the intelligent use of container technologies, a grander prominence on security, and the persistent change of IT roles in organizations. Be ready for these are just some of the key trends that you will encounter soon. 


If you are not aware by now, container technologies enable organizations to run different applications and its dependencies in a resource-isolated process. Basically, all the necessary components that are required to run an application are packaged as a single image and can be re-used. This technology will continue to be a key area of discussion in the cloud computing space. 


The broader industry awareness has led to a wave of rapid adoption without a fundamental understanding of the differences between containers and virtual machines. It is being predicted that IT departments at large will soon gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of container technology and how it can realistically and appropriately be used for IT operations alongside virtual infrastructure. 


Experts note that from it being a buzzword has transformed into something that is actually a thing. Like the cloud technology, it was a stranger to many but now, it is a tool that is dominating the entire market space. For containers, it will get there. A number of enterprises and their workflow rely on virtualization, soon, they will expressively ship their workload into containers by next year. 


There is no doubt that security will get more attention this 2019 due to the rise of data breaches. A prediction was released stating that there is an exponential increase in both the volume and visibility of data breaches, particularly for large corporations. From the patterns that experts have gathered, the anticipated horror of attacks on data is always far more worst than expected. This should lead corporations to great awareness on the importance of having an excellent security solution to combat possible attacks. Experts can see the rise of information security firms that will penetrate the marketplace to assist organizations on how to secure their farm of data. Automation will also play a pivotal role in making corporate data breaches even more ordinary. 


While some data run on infrastructure, data protection should be emphasized. Experts do not want to label it as distributed denial of service attacks as the security issue but rather focus on the primary resources such as domain name systems. In 2019, the discussion on how to produce an infrastructure that is more security compliant will rise.


Organizations will also have a hard time looking for people who have the right IT skills. As we know, the ability to rapidly learn new IT concepts and skills will be more important than being an expert in any one technology. These skill sets will be crucial to the rise of the machines and to DevOps. As the result of technology changing overtime, combined with the expectations of businesses on IT, it is expected that organizations will hear more about DevOps. 


Lastly, we are sure that you’ve heard of the industry term “Hybrid Technology”, it is important because this is one the biggest highlights of 2019. IT experts should start thinking about management in a hybrid context. Business leaders should decide on specific and powerful solutions as they implement hybrid IT. 


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