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Email Security

Maximize Your Use and Safety of Email

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Stop Apt and Other Advanced Targeted Threats

Identify malicious lures, exploit kits, emerging threats, botnet communications and other advanced threat activity across the Kill Chain.

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Secure Sensitive Data Against External Attacks and Insider Threats

Prepare for a malicious insider threat or the potentially successful cyberattack, it’s vital that outbound communications be monitored. This is also necessary both for data theft compliance needs as well as for business requirements.

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Identify ”High-Risk” User Behavior and Educate Users to Improve Awareness

Generate a report on Indicators of Compromise to identify infected systems, and more proactive reports on suspicious behavior, including potential insider threats, such as “disgruntled employee” activity. User feedback capabilities educate employees as mistakes are made, helping them to better learn and understand safe email best practices.

Cloud and On Premise Email Security

Most large scale cyberattacks originate from email, using advanced, coordinated tactics, such as socially engineered lures and targeted phishing. As these multi-stage threats blend web and email elements throughout attacks, they present a “Kill Chain” of opportunities to stop them before the breach occurs.

Maximize your use and safety of email

Identify targeted attacks, high-risk users and insider threats, while empowering mobile workers and the safe adoption of new technologies like Office 365 and Box Enterprise.

From inbound attack activity to outbound data theft or botnet communication attempts, secure mixed environments with content aware defenses, protecting email communications as part of a complete and connected defense system against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other types of advanced threats.