Why Identity Governance and Administration Should Be Your Business Priority

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is at the center of most organizations’ security and IT operation strategies. It allows your businesses to provide automated access to an ever-growing number of technology, while at the same time mitigating potential security and compliance risks. Organizations that fail to prioritize Identity Governance as an integral part of business operations, are being caught in an endless cycle of security breaches. Hence, here’s why you should make Identity Governance and Administration a business priority.

  • Centralized Governance and Visibility of Employee Access

    An effective IGA solution allows your company to build a central warehouse of accounts where you can enforce policies and maintain visibility across your systems and business applications such as separation-of-duty policies, role-based access, and risk-based scores to help workforces to stay compliant and reduce data breaches and fraudulent users.

  • Reduced Helpdesk and Operational Costs

    IGA solutions automate the process of managing the employees’ access as they move across the company. As your company grows the sizes both in manpower and digital assets, the effort in managing access to these assets also increases. Also, it empowers users to securely request access and reset their passwords through its self-service capabilities. This will reduce your company’s operational costs and will allow you to re-allocate your resources to do more value-generating work.

  • Regulatory and Automated Compliance

    With numerous industry standards and regulations, your business must ensure that its effectively applying the Principle of Least Privileged to prove that you have the necessary IT policies, and secure that your access to sensitive financial information is strictly controlled and your organization can receive audit requests at any time. Taking a visual approach to the data can make your whole process more accurate and easier to deploy to the business.


With these clear, measurable benefits, it’s easy to see why IGA solutions are quickly becoming an essential component of many organizations’ security strategy. Infocentric Solutions Inc. is the country’s only SailPoint Delivery Admiral Partner. Call us today at (02) 7959 2003 or email us Info@infocentric.ph to know more about this product.

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