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Access Management

One System to Regulate your People, Services, and Things.

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"All-In-One" Access Management Identity Platform

This powerful platform includes advanced authentication, adaptive risk, intelligent authentication, mobile push authentication and more.

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Say Goodbye to Integrating a Grab Bag of Disparate Products

Modern identity solutions need to take a platform approach, and reduce friction when dealing with people, services, and things, all while providing the highest possible security.

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A powerful identity platform as the driver to create new revenue channels

To do this, the identity platform needs to deliver a dynamic and personalized user experience and to provide modern authentication methods moving beyond simple username and password, and fine-grained authorization to protect and secure resources.

Control Access for People, Services, and Things

One system to rule them all. One thing to download and deploy, providing comprehensive access management capabilities to control access to all the things in your world–digital and physical.

Be the lord of the things, with a platform that helps you easily create innovative products and services, with identity at the center of everything. Leave behind the typical legacy troll offering a grab bag of disparate products to integrate.

Intelligent Authentication:

Put individual customer needs at the center of your business strategy. By leveraging adaptive security intelligence, you can strike the right balance between security and customer choice to deliver a more secure and meaningful experience across all digital touch-points, whenever, wherever.

Adaptive Risk Authentication:

Security threats are constantly evolving. People are always on the go, carrying multiple devices and multi-tasking more than ever. To keep up, you need an identity management solution that can respond to unusual activity with advanced, proactive protections. This is adaptive risk authentication.

Single Sign-On:

Your users demand fast, secure, and seamless access to your services without having to remember multiple user names and passwords – in other words: single sign-on. Whether you manage multiple brands under different domains, sub-domains, or applications, or your users need access from a variety of devices, SSO provides a seamless and secure experience.


As more and more users demand instant access to your services, you can hardly keep up with the pace of your business. You need a solution that can automate and simplify common, yet complex functions for millions of users. Build trust by offering users robust self-service options and drive customer engagement with the freedom to control their level of privacy.