Infocentric Solutions Inc., in collaboration with Okta and Exclusive Networks, hosted a crucial conference on May 28, 2024, at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Makati. The “United Front: Advancing Identity Security Across Private Institutions and Government Agencies” event brought together industry leaders and security professionals to tackle the pressing challenges and opportunities in identity security. 


Identity security is fundamental in our increasingly digital world. It involves ensuring that identities within an organization are not only verified and managed with strict protocols but also protected against unauthorized access. This is vital for any entity managing sensitive data, providing a cornerstone upon which other cybersecurity measures are built. 


The conference featured a series of in-depth discussions on topics such as Access Management, Identity Governance, Privileged Access Management, and Customer Identity and Access Management. Each session provided strategic insights into how these components of identity security can be leveraged to enhance data protection and regulatory compliance, crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in digital interactions. 


Charles Gomez, Business Development Director at Infocentric, emphasized the relevance of the conference topics: “As digital boundaries expand, the importance of robust identity security frameworks cannot be overstated. This gathering is pivotal as it brings to light the strategies that can help organizations navigate the complexities of identity management and protect against emerging threats.” 


The discussions at the United Front conference underscored the need for forward-looking strategies that address the dynamic nature of cyber threats and the evolving regulatory landscape. Attendees left equipped with actionable insights and best practices tailored to help their organizations stay ahead in the cybersecurity realm. 


For those interested in advancing their organization’s identity security measures, Infocentric, along with its partners Okta and Exclusive Networks, offers resources and expertise that are just an inquiry away at www.infocentric.ph. 

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