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Identity Access Management (IAM)

Redefine Identity Access Management

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Identity Provisioning Simplified

Simplify the identity provisioning process of managing roles and entitlements assigned to users, devices, or things, based on your organizational needs and structure

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Put Your Workforce and Customers in the Driver Seat

Streamline your registration, login, and password management experiences to significantly reduce costs in identity support.

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Eliminate the Lack of Identity Synchronization

Immediately synchronize and reconcile changes to all your configured mappings, and get some of that time back you were spending checking everything twice.

The Role of IAM to Compliance

Identity and access management (IAM) is a specialty discipline within cybersecurity that seeks to ensure only the right people can access the appropriate data and resources, at the right times and for the right reasons. With the help of identity governance, IAM is an essential part of your IT toolkit and aids in meeting increasingly rigorous compliance requirements.

An IAM strategy has never been more important to the success of an organization than it is today.

The typical business user has dozens (perhaps hundreds) of applications they must access in order to do their jobs. These applications span cloud, mobile and on-premise solutions, and all can hold confidential, sensitive and regulated information.

With this increase of applications, many enterprises have turned to identity management to increase productivity while securely enabling access to applications and systems. Organizations that have implemented an IAM solution with a unified governance framework can automate costly IT processes, while addressing security and compliance requirements, such as the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Despite identity management being essential to success today, with the increasing number of users, applications, platforms and devices users employ in their day-to-day work, it’s more challenging than ever to get right. It’s no longer enough to simply setup an identity server and try to connect users to applications.

Grow Your Business with Identity and Access Management

In today’s business world, employees working 24/7 around the world need access to be productive. However, manual IT processes can’t keep up with access demands. Identity management is growing more important because of the unique and central role it plays in helping organizations move forward, securely and confidently. While many security tools focus on identifying and blocking bad actors and software – anti-malware, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention software – through its ability to help control who has access to what resources, identity management provides powerful security capabilities and enhances business agility.

As more software, data and digital services are implemented and consumed, organizations need to manage access to those systems more effectively. This is where identity governance steps in to manage who has access to what, who should have access to what, and how that access is being used. Employees, partners and customers will need rapid provisioning, effective management of application and data privileges, and the ability to shut off access when access is no longer needed. The more quickly organizations can do this, the more they’ll be able to benefit from their investments in technology.

  • Regulatory coverage to quickly meet and maintain compliance with more than 370 policies applicable to the regulatory demands of 83 countries.

  • Locate and remediate regulated data with network, cloud and endpoint discovery.

  • Central control and consistent policies across the IT environment.