Discussing Cyber Security With Your Employees

While everything and anything can be done online nowadays such as digital marketing, internet banking, and e-commerce business models, it can be just as easy for cybercriminals to access your personal information – and with disastrous consequences, if they do. This just proves that whether you’re blogging, posting or updating information about your products and … Read more

The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity

The widespread use of technological advances has brought in its stead the rise of cybercrime. Since the inception of the internet, thousands of individuals and companies have suffered phishing attacks, identity theft, and deceitful money requests; most with dire consequences. As in the case in 2015 when the US Office of Personnel Management endured a … Read more

SailPoint: SecurityIQ

With 80% of corporate data being unstructured, it’s no surprise that email and files are the new targets for data breaches. SailPoint addresses that by extending identity governance to unstructured data. SecurityIQ gives you the power to find sensitive data in order to manage and secure it, set prevention and detection controls to stop inappropriate … Read more

Unwrapping The Data Privacy Act  

Arguments from different legal bodies and critics are developing due to the value and articulation of data privacy. For some, privacy violations could simply cause annoyances and inconveniences but data privacy matters a lot more than that. As the information technology advances, privacy in one’s personal data is almost impossible to shelter. In some cases, … Read more

SailPoint: Harness the Power of Identity

SailPoint’s identity management solutions provide complete visibility into who is doing what, what kind of risk that represents, and allows you to take action. It links people, applications, data and devices to create an identity-enabled enterprise. Compliance Controls: Implement Compliance Controls to Improve Security and Streamline Audits SailPoint’s compliance controls help companies define and enforce … Read more